Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The perfect work space

I work from home.

As I look around my work space, I notice that I have begun collecting things and piling. A few weeks ago when Kel was in China, I actually cleaned my desk. I could tell you what color my fake wood grain table top resembled. Today I find that I once again have stacked myself into a corner. I could build a castle with all the diet coke cans.

I have two work spaces next to each other. One is my home computer and one computer I borrow from my client so I can access their company applications. It is a super secret connection and no one is allowed to know my passwords or use this computer. My home computer is used a little less right now due to the fact that I'm on the work computer so much. But recently I took the job as the "SMART" club secretary for an upcoming agility trial, so I'm entering entries pretty much every day. I guess that is why I need two tea cups and about 537 empty cans of diet coke.While Kel was in China, we had two electrial outages, so you can forgive me for hoarding the flashlights in my office. Although, as I think of it, I'm usually in the office during the day and not in the office at night...when I might need those flashlights. Well at least I know where they are now.

All in all I feel pretty comfortable in my space. I do understand that others may feel a little crowded, but that is all good. I really don't want "others" in my office trying to file things and take my diet coke fortress away.


Trish said...

Oprah today at 4pm. Subject... Hording!

I've got some ideas, why not a recycle can out side your office and hey I've got an idea that will be major construction but well worth it for recycle shoots into the garage!

Or you just realize your buidling a fort to guard yourself from evils of the outside world and be on with it!!!!

vici whisner said...

I'll miss Oprah as I'll be out dog training. But I'm sure it will be good.

I just like giving you something to do when you come over as I always notice all my cans mysteriously disappear everytime you come to visit. I personally think you want all my cans for yourself and when I stop by your place there will be a maze made up of soda cans inside your house!


Trish said...

no acutally, if the truth be told.... how do you think I'm making my new car payment?!!!

Recycling your coke cans!!!!!!


Trish said...

ready for a new page please!!!!

What up no new blog?