Monday, March 10, 2008

Dog Speak

I be Tazz. I am moms favorite (edited by vici "in his own mind"). This is my bed, this is my lawn, this is my deck. It is all mine. Mommy is mine. Mommy is "she who provides all things." Mommy is mine. Stay away from Mommy! I will do agility only if I get cheese. Cheese is wonderful, give it to me. Nobody gets cheese but me.

I like water! It is MY water. I will not let anyone get the water.

I HATE the car. You can have the car.

I be Rocky. I am a lover. You can call me Rocks, Rocky, Rockos, Rocky Roo. I have alot to put up with. I like my chest scratched please. I LOVE frisbeeeeee! I LOVE chuck it!!! When mommy is scratching me I want Tazz to go away, he is always there trying to get Mommy to pet him when I'm getting loving. Tazz is a baaaad dog. He doesn't listen. He doesn't share. He always wants my frisbee, I'm faster and bigger (even with my crooked leg).

I am patient. I am happy to do anything for Mommy except grooming. I HATE when she touches my feet. I run and hide.

I bark at the other dogs in the neighborhood. They can't come live here. Tooo many dogs already.

Wanna play? I Fin. Chuck-it!!!!! yeah. want me here? I'll go there! How about this? I like EVERYONE! I love you! Wait whats that? I'll be back. You want to play? Heres a toy. Tug!!!!!

Tunnel YEAH!!!! I like to bite feet!

I am Maddie. Mommy says I'm her sweety. I chase squirrels. They are bad. I chase trucks, very nasty trucks. I love hugs. Groom me! I get cookies yippeee! I love cookies. More cookies please. Finny is fun, I like to chase her. Tazz I can wrestle, he is silly. Rocky lets me tackle him, he is a good dog. I need a nap.

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