Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How NOT to Install a Keyboard Tray

  1. One woman with tennis elbow
  2. An out of town husband
  3. Four helpful shelties
  4. 2 pound Ridgid drill (feels like 10)
  5. 1 pound Ridgid screwdriver (feels like 4)
  6. 10 pound under mount (feels like 50)
  7. a desk not intended to have an under mount keyboard tray attached
  8. about 37 separate parts
  9. One irritable woman
  10. A bottle of Aleve (or something stronger if you happen to have it)
You can imagine the rest. I did, however, successfully install the keyboard tray as evidenced by the photo. I also got a lot of frustration out with verbal communication of the "bleeped" variety.

Although my arm hurt worse after my excursion into home handicraft, I must say that now a few days later, I am better. Not a scientific study perhaps, but definitely anecdotal data that working in an inappropriate sitting position will create discomfort.

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