Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How many shoes are needed to change a light bulb

I have to take a moment to discuss shoes. I sorta have an addiction. There is this place I go to look at shoes. There is no nosy sales person, just shoes. I can take my time looking and deciding. This place is
For FREE! shipping, I can have a new pair of shoes TOMORROW! without ever leaving my office. I find this intoxicating. Who needs cocaine? I have Zappos.

Who cares that my feet don't fit into most shoes on the site, I can dream can't I?

Let's take these two for example. How could I just get the purple one? This blue pair has the pretty blue pattern! I could wear one to the movies and the other to home depot! How can I choose between these two?

Then of course there are the "sport" shoes. How many of these shoes does one need, but I have trouble selecting just one. The cute brown and blue with the "kanga" are too cute for words, then there are the grey and the grey with poka...both have their place. THe green ones just say"FAST" all over (lord knows I need all the fast I can get!)
I guess as addictions go, shoes is not necessarily a bad one to have, but the truth is that no matter how many pairs I get, I often wear the same ones day in and day out. My old slippers, my teva sandals, my brooks work out, and one muddy pair I save for agility. The rest I adore, but don't wear much.
Gotta stop. Can't. It's that simple.


Trish said...

That reminds me I need new sneekers

Foxy said...

love the first ones

Mehalia said...

Thanks for writing this.