Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh The Places We will Go

Ahhhh, the open road. Today my fine feathered (or rather furred) friends and I took a trip to Salinas to pratice agaility.

Since I was lazy, we risked life and limb (or rather just Tazzies life and limbs as Fin was in the crate). We are smiling as we head on down the road with the musak playing loud the new Bob Dylan Album (well really it is a CD and to be truthful it was down loaded onto a MP3 player so it really isn't a CD either...not sure what you would call it, but certainly not an album).

As Dyan is singing Rollin' and Tumbling, we come up to an intersection where we encounter this sign on the back of the truck. Now that is very clever I thought. What would that sign mean on an agility course?

  • Announcing to the Judge to stand back cause my dog is likely to take your head off as he leaps off the A frame not hitting the yellow?
  • Stand back and watch how it is done?
  • Stand clear to see the launching power of a 20 pound dog when given enough momentum?
The next sign we see gives me pause. Which way should I go. Usually in agility there are no options (unless of course you forget the course).

This would be a good sign for an agility course. Watch out, your gonna have curvy roads ahead.

I'd really like to be so fast as to be radar enforced. Today we did not get stopped by the police...oh well, today was like pushing mud uphill. No momentum and very little drive.
I'd like this sign at the end of an agility course as many times, the dogs don't realize that stop is what is required. Many run out of the ring for various reasons. Some want their toy, some want to see if they can get into trouble by staring at the next dog, some want to run out to let all the other dogs know they are the king of the hill, some, like Tazz just want their cheese.

So all in all a fun trip to Salinas to work out in Robs agility field. This is a sign on a truck coming home. Not sure what it means, but I need one that says, "We never miss the contacts!"

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Trish said...

all that can be said there is... someone needs a vacation!

cute pic of you and taz!