Monday, March 17, 2008

The Cupcakes Were Not the Only Thing I Forgot

My hypothesis could not be tested this weekend due to a critical error on my part. I forgot to bring the cupcakes.

I will say that Tazz was the better athlete this weekend, so cheese at the end worked for him. All I had was a spinach salad on Saturday and an old chinese chicken salad on Sunday (but I didn't eat the chicken as it looked bad -should be filed under vici's weird food phobias). So perhaps my motivation was a little lacking.

First run on sat was a gamble run. He was amazing. Fast, happy, sure of himself. But the gamble was really tough so I forgave him.

Second run was his standard run. He had a little "judge issue." In his opinion she was too close so went around the teeter. I brought him back and he did the teeter and so I ran out of the ring and gave him cheese.

His steeplechase was BEAUTIFUL! He never missed a beat. 44 seconds! that was super for Tazz. He was .5 seconds out of qualification because the other dogs were faster, but I didn't make a mistake, and he was a really good boy.

Sunday started with his standard run. He was zooming! Got his contacts, did the teeter, got right on the table and did a down! Then the third to the last obstacle he came into me instead of taking the jump (most likely my fault) and when I tried to bring him around to take the jump, he back jumped it. That Q was flushed. I must say there is a little bit of evil in Tazz.

We did get another Snooker Q, but didn't get the "super Q" we need, The last obstacle was an impossible weave entry and I forgot to front cross so we had a refusal. It was a fun course and I think I did a really good plan for Tazz so I consider it a success.

So, I had a last run of the trial. Master Jumpers. I had to wait until two classes were finished. Should I go or should I stay? I decided to stay. I worked, played with Fin, played with Tazz, ate my nasty chicken salad without the chicken, drank water, drank diet coke, wished I had my cupcakes, watched a bunch of agility. Then finally it was our turn.

I forgot the course.

Tazz was good. Zooming around the course and having a great time. I on the other hand really needed those cupcakes. I lost my concentration and sent him the wrong way. He didn't know it, nor did he care. He just wanted his cheese.

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