Sunday, April 6, 2008

7 day training challenge

Fins turns are just not tight enough. She doesn't understand that when I stand still on the side of the jump to turn close to the side and turn. She is still jumping through the middle landing and then turning.

I need to raise her understanding. This week I'm going to do 30 jumps a days training challenge for 7 days and see whether we get improvement. I'll video along the way.

My challenge: 3 times each day go out and do 5 one jumps on each side (10 each session) working on getting her to jump and round the jump. My goal is to do 210+ one jumps. I hope that she will gain an understanding to jump closer to the jump standard when I'm on that side.

So some may ask, "Why is this important?" Todays world of agility is super competitive. Having a fast dog is great, but a slower dog making tighter more efficient turns can beat a fast wide turning dog. My job is to keep Fins speed (she's got plenty of that) and work on teaching her to become an efficient jumper.

Don't worry, I'm also working on her contacts, just didn't do any pictures or video today. I'll get more of that later.

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