Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Well, I'm confused. My sister hasn't called to say she is preggers, my other sister hasn't called to say she has adopted a new puppy. My mother hasn't called to say she is moving in with my brother.

Whusup with this?

It must be an off day. My project manager did tell me Friday was her last day, but I told her this better be an April fools joke or no kidding I'm coming down there! I will see her in April, hope she was joking!

For me, I haven't thought of anything good.

Sure I could have posted that I was adopting a new puppy. I could have posted that the puppy I didn't adopt just got her ADCH. There's always the one where I saw a cougar in a tree ...oh wait, that ones true...only I didn't see it, a neighbor did.

So another April fools goes by and I just can't think of something funny and original. I could get dried cockroaches and leave them in Kels car, I could have gotten about a zillon tennis balls and put them in Lauras front yard, I could have called my mom and told her I was moving to Alaska....but all seem trivial and somewhat overdone.

Instead, I did something totally unexpected. I cleaned the kitchen, exercised, ate right, and picked up dust bunnies.

Kel is gonna be truly weirded out tonight. :)

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Trish said...

I came home from Texas. There was too much that could have been a joke but was real... Like having to stand in a giant refrigerator while tornados went past!

Did I mention that texas smells