Thursday, April 3, 2008

As the wind blows

It rained last night. No dog agility. The good news: I got to watch Top Chef (usally I have to wait till friday or the weekend as I get home so late).

Well, the chefs were at it again last night. The idea for the final challenge was to create a dish inspired by your favorite movie. The winner was Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory. No umpalumpas, but alot of creativity went into this seared salmon dish. The strangest part was that in the sauce they used white chocolate and wasabi. I'm not sure, it's either brilliant or totally gross. The judges must know as they picked it as the best.

Kel and I were trying to decide on a movie and a corresponding food item. I decided my inspiration would be "Gone with the Wind" and I'd make a 3 bean medley over cabbage.

Kel is still laughing. Just goes to show you, 12 year old humor never dies.

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