Thursday, April 3, 2008

Training a curve

Today we worked on lots of speed. Accuracy seemed to slip as we put the pedal to the medal.

Still had fun and then slowed it down a little for accuracy. What I did was lower one side of the jump so that she could see that running the inside was better then running the middle or outside. Fin does have a tendency to go wide, so I think alot of drills teaching her to curve in the inside of the circle is going to be important.

I'm still working on one jump where she just jumps one jump and comes into me. She needs about 9037 more of those before we move on. She LOVES to jump out and doesn't quite understand to take a path that will get her to where I'm going faster. She just likes to have fun and put on those after burners!

After our great training session today, she was a little warm so we went to the pool and I took a little video of her new "get in" cue. She doesn't like to crowd with Tazz on the step, but she sure isn't afraid of the water anymore.

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Trish said...


Where are her water wings?!!!!

maybe a safty ring with dafy duck