Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The flu, whilly nilly, and chaos

Well the flu has come to visit. I had to pick up the flu while it hitchhiked friday during the drive back from Arizona. But hopefully it is finding being here boring and will leave soon. The resulting fallout from me sitting on the couch coughing, sniffling, and in a general delirium is zooming, barking, wrestling, food stealing, whining, and just alot of chaos.

If nothing else, this is a demonstration of how exercise and training make for a relaxed atmosphere.

Today out of desperation, I took the pups in the back and played "chuck-it." I usually don't just toss the ball whilly nilly for all the dogs, I feel that Fin just learns bad habits. But today I said, "Who cares, you guys GOTTA get some exercise. So exercise we did.

When I toss the ball, Finnie is the fastest, but somehow, Rocky always gets the ball. I think Fin just likes to chase but she runs too fast and ends up in the front, loops around and chases Rocky back. Such fun.

Fins tongue is longer than her front legs. After a few runs she has this wild dazed smile on her face, similar to a crack head getting a fix.

Tazz is the lazy one usually letting Rocky do all the work and then grabbing the ball that Rocks drops for me to toss (I fool him by having two balls!).

Maddie is uninterested in the malay and searches the grounds for squirrel sign and chases the UPS truck if it happens to drive by (she is stopped by the fence so no worries).

So the flu sits here in my chest, quite unwelcome, but what are ya gonna do. I must be feeling better if I'm starting to whine.


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Trish said...

I noticed you did not mention the part of Finn running circles around rocky all the way back! Got youth is wonderful!

Feel better we got to put on a show!