Monday, April 14, 2008

Zoom Zoom

A fun weekend sums up April 11-13. The weather was "hot" but we stayed refreshed in Lauras 5th wheel. I have to thank her for driving the rig up there. It was roomy and comfortable and kept the dogs cool.

Doggy running report:

Laura got ther ADCH BRONZE!! with Brazen. Whoo hoo. This is big stuff. Most handler teams get this later in their career. Brazen is only 3.5 years old. A HUGE feat, an amazing accomplishment. I'm proud to call her my best bud!

Here is a link to her most AMAZING run and celebration:

Tazz got an Advanced Standard Q! One more and we'll be in Masters Standard. He also Q'd in Masters jumpers and this was his Masters Jumpers Q. Whoo hoo.

Friday was an off day for Team Whiz. The human part of the team just couldn't seem to concentrate and was late on cues and sent her partner to the wrong jump. Saturday was much better, but "HOT!" Tazz N I weren't in any runs until 1:30. Then we were in 4 rings at almost the same time. Interestingly enough, we did the best we did all weekend. Sunday was a fun morning but no Q's. Tazz was really happy this weekend and my goal of just having fun was accomplished. Never once did I feel like Tazz and I weren't having fun.

The best news of all, we found a FABULOUS resturant for our Dixon trials thanks to Lauras husband Kelvin. This was truly important and may even overshadow Lauras accomplishment of her Bronze ADCH!


Trish said...

You look good! I mean you look hot, but you look great!

Missed ya over the weekend. Can't wait for smart! We'll actually be able to see each other wooohooo!

Trish said...

I got home from work at 9:15 last night. Yes that would be after arriving at 6:30 am. I drag my self into the house to be greeted by my roommate and her dog but my dog is nowhere to be seen. I give my roomie a quizacal look at she nods toward the back of the house.

ON MY BED is a very drowsy Molly who manages to lift her head and yawn. Seeing I did not arrive with biscuits she went back to sleep. IN The CENTER of the bed!!!!

I never thought I would miss the bouncy crazy jumping dog at the door!

vici whisner said...

Hey, she's been there done that. You've come home about 3000 times in her lifetime. It is just not that exciting anymore.

You need to spice up your relationship. Bring home a gourmet dinner, a squeeky toy, a fun little trinket for your girl.

You need to foster a little spontinaity in your relationship!

Trish said...

Let's just call it as it is. the only 2 things this dog get's excited for are Pizza and Finn the puppy!

Good to have you back to the blog!