Thursday, April 10, 2008

Away Game

While the "cats" away the dogs will play!
Maddie and Rocky get a full 3 days with their dad. All by themselves. I'm taking the young heathens to a trial up in Dixon. Tazz N I have been working hard. Me on my sprinting and him on his contacts and tables. Time will only tell.

Fin gets to go so she won't drive her daddy nuts. She'll get to work on walking nicely while other dogs are working. One jump work. Targeting. Go ons and anything else that suits my fancy and hers of course.

There will also be crazy running around chasing balls and biting water for sure.

We are staying in the Casa de Laura. She took her big motor home up to Dixon last night and I'm camping out on her couch. Should be an adventure for sure.

I'll have an update early next week. Send good thought our way.

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Trish said...

make sure to call with updates!