Friday, April 4, 2008

Tazzy speaks, "I'm Confused About Criteria"

Tazz N I have an issue with criteria. Everytime we work on our contacts, he clearly tells me, "I don't know what you want me to do." Always with a smile on his face of course. He is not an obnoxious confused guy, he is quite happy in his confusion.

I am wishy washy and didn't stick to my guns when I trained him. I rushed because I wanted him doing equipment (the sexy stuff - who could blame me?). I started with all my contacts with a 2on2off (means front feet in the grass, back feet in the yellow, stop and wait for instructions). Honestly, I never really perfected this method and then came "the accident." Not sure exactly what happened, but the poor guy hurt his back. I convinced myself that he couldn't do a 2on2off on the A frame (too hard on his back) so once he was better, we started back teaching the running A using stride regulators. On a good day the A frame looks like this.

Criteria is a funny thing. How does Tazzy know what I want? I certainly have some work to do here as I can't baby sit these A frames in a trial. He needs to learn to get the yellow with out me begging for it.

For the Dog walk, his criteria is 2on2off. Ya think he knows this?

Again, obviously not. The good news is that since I changed to a running teeter, I think he understands that he should go up the Teeter and when I say ok jump off. But that 2o2off on the dog walk is not reliable. More work, more work, more work.

Next blog I'll talk about how I'm teaching Fins contacts MUCH differently than Tazzie. How I am NOT allowing Fin on contact equipment until she demonstrates to me she understands my criteria. How Fin will be perfect. Yeah right...we'll talk in a year and see what woes I share then.

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Trish said...

it's all about geometry and angles. Tazzi just needs a math class!!! Also he needs to be explained he is not an EAGLE!