Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why am I still frustrated?

Last night was an interesting night. Multiple dreams with similar themes, but the one that sticks with me is about my mom getting married.

So I'm in the car, my two sisters and someone else are also in the car. I have my puppy Fin with me. We are getting cake for my mothers wedding. I'm asking my sisters where we are having the reception and Peggy is saying it is at my house. Now this is all taking place TODAY! I say, "it's got to be at your house, my house is a mess." Peg says," nope gotta be at your place.

For some reason, I agree to have it at my house and we are driving down a street and I say, "Stop the car, Kel's car is parked over there and I'll go back home and clean house." They let me out and I have Fin with me and they drive away as I start to walk toward Kels parked car when I realize that I don't have keys to the car. Nor do I have a leash for Fin and she is running around the parking lot like a looney tune.

I find a building near by that has something like a rec room. I have Fin in my arms and I'm trying to call home to tell Kel to come get me (I guess I don't have cell phones in La La land...or as Kel will tell you, I constantly forget my cell phone so that's probably what happened). Anyway, I'm using a pay phone, someone is using a pin ball machine right next to me, it is loud. With the small amount of change I have I make 3 attempts and none of the calls go through, but I keep loosing my change, Fin is wiggling and there is a cue forming to use the phone. I keep looking out into the parking lot and there is Kels car parked right there.

I end up waking up before I resolve the situation, but I wake up frustrated. It is now 16 hours later and I'm still feeling frustrated. I don't want to have the reception at my house!

I think it's time to come to the realization that mom is not getting married anytime soon and that I don't have to worry about a bunch of people showing up while I'm chasing my dog around a parking lot with an empty car, no car keys, no purse, no money, nor a cell phone.


Trish said...

Wow, ok, lots of stuff here. Tired of being party central? Don't want every event in the summer at your place? Mom getting married... wow that just doesnt' strike anything here.

But maybe the crux of it is all the folks who come and go, husband, sister and pups included that don't help clean the house...

mmmmmmmm.. maybe?.......

vici whisner said...

oh I wouldn't read all that into it. It is just a dream. My dreams are really weird.