Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Even my backyard is looking healthy...

Apples, 3 different kinds, but only one seems to have fruit this year. Come by in July and August for some yummy treats.
Pear Plums. Not very large (about the size of a large grape) but extremely flavorful. These ripen around July.
Walnuts, we hardly ever get these as the squirrels have them hidden before we realize they are ripe. But I'm picking them a little early and will see what happens.

Pears. This year will be a bumper crop. I don't usually eat alot of pears, but I'd better prepare myself as we have about a billion!
Lemons. Great as a splash in a glass of water over ice on those warm summer days.
Purple plums. Melt in your mouth.
Apricots. Need I say more?

The tomatoes are looking mighty fierce this year. I've already eaten two of the sweet one hundreds...looking forward to a summer full of fresh tomatoes on everything.

A video to make you smile.


Trish said...

The whole post makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

Let me know when the Fruit Stand opens!! Yummy! Thanks for video it did make me smile this morning.