Friday, June 12, 2009

It's all about dental Hygiene

  • 8am drop Rocks off for a teeth cleaning.
  • 11am Vet calls, blood work not good. May have a tumor
  • I say, "did you even look at the teeth?"
  • Need xrays, more blood work. No teeth cleaning today. Dog really not good.
  • 3:30 No tumor. Canine teeth are bad. May need to extract. Extraction tricky, could break Jaw. Wants to schedule for two weeks out.
  • I say, "I want a referral to a dentist." Pause and then vet responds, "Oh yes, that's probably a good idea."
  • 4:30 Pick up Rocky, get contact info for Dentist.


  • Call Dentist. Bring him in. No need for the buddy to be in pain.
  • 4:00pm. Dentist looks at teeth.
  • Yep something wrong.
  • Nope not the canine
  • Back tooth broken and exposed.
  • She shows me. Yep, there it is.
  • Canines? well heck. They need cleaning, but, don't think they are infected.
  • Made appointment, Rocks gets a root canal on Tues. OK, this is all about $$ here. Extraction would be about $200 cheaper. But I'd rather have Rocks have his teeth.

So I've got to ask myself, what is up with the vet? I've been going to this clinic for 18 years. My vet is on vacation and this gal is managing the store. I'm going to wait until after the dental next week, but then I'm going to contact my vet. My confidence in the vet is gone.

Could Rocky have a tumor? Anything is possible. But good golly miss molly what was she thinking?


Trish said...

Definately talk to the vet when he comes back. And the misdiagnose on the K9 is distressing. But,.... what was on the blood panel that started all this?

Great idea taking him to a specialist!

Anonymous said...

You may want to check with the dentist as per the future implications of a root canal. I know when I did a root canal & crown, my dog then had to have X-rays (under sedation) each year for the next 7 years to check on it ... until he lost that tooth.

I just got the next one pulled. It had no impact on his lifestyle, and I didn't have to risk his health with putting him under sedation for the X-ray each year ... plus paying $500 for the privilege.

vici whisner said...

Thanks for the info. I will absolutely call the Dr. on Monday and chat about this before I do it.


Cynthia said...

Hmm that's pretty odd. Well, good thing you got the dentist. We have never had a root canal on our dogs, but sometimes I wish we had.