Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is summer

It is summertime. This means that we can get in the pool. It means that tomatoes will soon be ripe, apricots ready to pick, plums beginning to get dark, cherries already gone, baby apples falling from the trees, and peaches, lovely peaches are ready to be eaten.

Rocky finds new ways to break the fence so he can get into the back and eat the fruit. This year, he is not waiting till it falls. He has found that the precious peach tree is low enough he can "pick his own." Much to his delight and my chagrin, he is out there now picking the few remaining peaches for himself.

Maddie finds the cool dirt to lay in. She manages to bring all the dirt into the house and wherever she lays, a little pile of dirt remains.

Tazz is our swimmer. He runs out in this heat and stands on the first step of the pool or the spa. If someone is in the pool, Tazz will be. He doesn't usually get in unless motivated by someone else swimming, but the boy loves to swim. This is the first year that he will swim to the deep end just for the shear joy of it.

Fins third summer with us, just is like all the other seasons. She is ready to play, chase the water, jump in the first step of the pool, and lay in the dirt. She does it all.

Training now is early morning and late evening. Mid day is for hanging out and enjoying the lingering heat.

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