Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fitness for Agility

Another week. Another 1.8 pounds.
I'm fitting into pants that I haven't been able to put on in years. It is a good feeling. Unfortunately, it makes me feel slimmer than I am. This results in a loss of focus. After looking at the videos of me running this week, I've come a long way, but I have a long way to go and I must not loose focus.
Alot of people talk about plateaus. I don't think I've every really hit a plateau before, I'm either doing really well or I'm not. In my mind, when I hear people talk about plateaus, I've always thought of a plateaus as eatting right and working out but not getting anywhere (the body is stuck). But I think that I am in a mental plateau. I am happy with the results and maybe lack a little motivation to move forward. That's how I've been feeling. I'm not cheating, but maybe not working as hard as I know I can. The result is that I'm not moving in the direction I want as fast as I know I can.
This week I'm free jumping. I climbed the plateau and now I'm jumping off.


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