Monday, June 8, 2009

A Thesbian in a Cowboy Hat

Kel has been working really hard lately. It isn't a paid position. Doesn't bring home the bacon. However, he smiles alot. Coming off a great run of "You Can't Take it With you," he signed up for Annie get your gun. A singing, dancing theatrical production.
Along with my mom and sister, I saw it on Saturday. The cast did a fabulous job and we enjoyed the production. The play started at 8 pm to a full house (standing room only...there there was some standing going on).

Kel brought to the stage a lively, genuine, funny, and entertaining Charlie Davenport. Each time he was in a scene, the stage seemed to brighten a bit...could have been me, but in my eyes he was the center attraction.
Sat night I spent a little over 2 hours in Buffalo Bill's wild west show enjoying pistol and shotgun antics following the love story between two competitive strong personalities, and watching Charle Davenport manipulate the cast in order for the show to go on. A fun time.
Kel, thanks for bringing music and dancing in my life. Gotta go hum now..."there's no bizness like show bizness...there's no bizness I know...."

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Trish said...

It was awesome!