Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fitness for Agility

1.4 pounds. I feel lucky.

It hasn't been my finest week. I guess the whole change your metabolism is working as I did loose this week. It is totally due to the exercise and lack of having high calorie things near me. Not due to portion control.

Just like in real life, I had trouble jumping off that plateau last week. I kept looking over the edge and darn it, it looked mighty far down. I thought about jumping alot, but never quite made it. I asked Kel to push me and he wisely informed me I had to jump on my own.
I've already jumped today. Writing down everything I'm eating and I'm keeping track of calories as well as points. I'm pretending I'm on week one of WW and going to focus on exercise and veggies.
Searching for that motivation. Hopefully I'll find it right around the corner.

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