Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scotts Valley AKC

A fun weekend at the Scotts Valley AKC both Sat and Sunday. Only two Q's for the weekend, but loads of fun. Tazz got another jumpers Q, and Fin got her OA with a standard Q.

Sat was foggy and it even rained on us a bit. The rain was sorta that heavy foggy rain, however, we all got wet whatever it was. Did I bring proper weather gear? No.
The toaster was our camp for both days. Since it was such a small trial I opted not to put up a canopy. Tazz got the back crate with the foil wrapping, Fin was up front.

Tazzie was his bad boy self. I did take him on loads of walks, but he needed his fashionable zebra head halter so that he would be a better citizen.
There was a nice long loop to walk the dogs. Both Tazz and Fin got walked. Of course, I almost missed a couple walk throughs enjoying the trail, but life is short and walks are important.
The trial was fun and lots of different dogs. Ashley Deacon was there. He is like 7 feet tall (ok maybe not 7 feet..but he is very tall) and I'm a short little thing. When Ashley and I chat, this is what I see.

Ashley and Luka waiting their turn.
His tee shirt says it all.
Fin had a great time and there were moments of true greatness. Then, there were moments of relaxation.
Lots of different breeds of dogs competing today.
This one wanted to come home with me.
Motion is a champion.
Venture is a star!

I had a great time and one of the best things is that we were home by 12:30 today! With allergies attacking me, it was nice to be able to come home and take a nap by the pool.


Trish said...

You know it really does look like foil in a toaster!

Great pics thanks

Elf said...

Ashley always seems to enjoy having his picture taken, which makes it fun to take pictures of him & Luka. So many people run away from the camera.