Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teeth, not an exact science

Rocky visited the dentist yesterday. Three teeth extractions, gum repair, and a good cleaning later he is home resting. Rocky didn't like being at the dentist. Neither do I.

Poor guy. He had a cracked a tooth (the dentist said the damage was brand new...probably in the last 24 hours). I say, "good timing!" I'm sure he did it stealing my baby peaches in the back yard. Rocky is NOT allowed free range in the back. Not only is he stealing my fruit he is cracking teeth and costing $$!

After all the drama from last week, it is nice to have the old guy home with clean teeth, pain pills, and a good long life expectancy.

Last week we were looking at a spleenectomy, then, that wasn't needed, the canine extraction, then, that wasn't needed, then a root canal, that didn't happen. The result is 3 small teeth removed, some gum repair, and Rocks is good to go.

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