Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gotta Love the Rocks

Photos by Richard Todd Photography.

At 8 this morning Rocky was in the vets office for a check up and teeth cleaning. Vet calls at 11 and says blood work not good. Rocks has been loosing weight and vet was very concerned. Thought it might be a tumor on his speen given the blood test and the sore tummy.
I told the vet that Rocky is extremely sensitive about being touched. That often the vet has thought he has a sore tummy but couldn't find anything. He just doesn't like being touched and acts like your touching him with a cattle prod, just try touching his feet, he'll do the same thing and his feet don't hurt. In addition, I thought their scale was off. Rocks has been 30 pounds and maintaining that but at the vets he was 27. I said I really thought something was wrong with his tooth.
She said she wanted to do xrays and other tests as she felt it was serious. Of course I said yes. What else would I do.
Five hours later after a mentally tough day, they don't think it is a tumor any more. Now it is a rotten tooth that has a pretty bad infection. Two weeks on antibiotics and then a specialist dentist after the antibiotics is our future. Now the dental work by no means will be easy, but much better news than if he had a spleen tumor.
We love the big guy and don't like to see him in any pain, but glad it is not as serious as the vet thought this morning. This stress did not help me today. Didn't get alot done, changed meetings as to be prepared for the vet call. I've got to learn not to overreact.
If I gain weight tomorrow, I'll know why. I was weak today. No I didn't eat french fries. No I didn't eat a burger. Yes, I found stuff in the house to eat and eatting is what I did. All healthy stuff...but even healthy stuff needs to be in moderation.
As soon as Kel comes home, I'm off to the gym.

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Trish said...

Scarry day for sure!

Give rocky a good car wash for me!!!