Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fitness for Agility

Not good news folks. I've had a setback. No reason. Took a vacation from reality.
Took the reality train today with a kick butt workout and a weigh in. I wanted to cry. Been doing so good. Hey, they aren't kidding when they say portion control is important.
Wish I had better news. I'm really bummed and ticked off at myself for my bad behavior over the last week. This is not the actions of a winner.
Ok, so enough already. Next week, look forward to good news!


Elf said...

I know from experience that it's important to count your successes and not *discount* them:
- You did a kick butt workout.
- You weighed in.
- You identified what you could work on doing differently next week.

And the other thing is that the body is fickle. I've had weeks where I was spot on perfect in exercise and eating and still gone up 2 lbs. It happens.

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