Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brief Hiking Update

Hiking continues.  The result of hiking is a happy house.

Hiking results in quiet.  No barking.  No barking is good. There is a little black and white dog responsible for most of the barking.  After a nice long hike she is content.

Hiking allows me to get some work done.  I get a nice foot warmer to keep me comfy under my desk.

Hiking results in more ball play and short walks for the old farts.  Ball play makes for a happy Rocky.  He also gets to walk up the hill in front of the house and loves to read and leave mail all along his walk.

Hiking or no hiking, really doesn't matter to Maddie.  As long as she has her squirrels to chase she is a happy dog.

12 miles to go before Jan 31.  that is 3 more hikes in the next 7 days.  Got a little behind because of my cold and the storm but I would say that success is in the air.

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