Thursday, January 26, 2012


When I do agility and I see people come off the line looking like they just found out they just got a cell phone bill of $7000 or they got cheated by their car mechanic, that is not good.  Or when I get into a negative space (like when I lost that GP Q due to Fin going around a jump) I would ask myself why do I do dog agility?

I used to think I did dog agility because of the titles and placements.  My dogs have taught me something else.

Dog agility is about connection.  Gives you something to do with your dog that requires endless hours of cooperation.  Your dog needs to learn how to learn and you need to learn how to teach.  Spending hours exercising and training creates a dynamic that can not be denied.  My dogs want to be around me.  They want to be the center of my universe.  Sure we have the run after the squirrel, the do not come when called...I am human after all, but seriously.  My dogs would rather be with me than pretty much anywhere.  Gotta love that!

Dog agility is about friendship.  There are people you meet when you are progressing through the paths of agility training and competition that will be your friends for life.  Going away for the weekend is seriously fun when you get to hang out with funny, committed, and crazy people.

Agility is about play.  Having fun.  Enjoying a sport you can do with your dog.  Smile, laugh, giggle a little, that's what agility is about.

Agility is about athletic competition.  You and your dog follow a fitness program and get better together.  Eating right and getting fitter (although not so much fun while you are doing it) will make the sport more fun.  Having a dog that was over weight come out fit and run a course is a joy beyond words.  You can see how much more fun that dog is having with the excess baggage removed.

Agility is about speed.  Gotta go fast.  As fast as you can go.  But remember to keep a smile on your face.

Agility is about ego....NOT.  One thing my dogs have taught me.  Leave the ego at the door.  It will be crushed along with all your other silly ideas about yourself.

If you've lost your way and are not finding fun due to many of the stresses of life (focus on Q's, thinking that not Q'ing means you aren't successful, pissed because of lack of contacts/weaves/whatever, you've got a breed that's harder than other breeds), step back and ask yourself why you got in agility in the first place.  Make a commitment to yourself and your dog to get back to the fun.  You will not regret it.


Elf said...

You are right on the money.

Still, at times, it's hard to do. I just need to keep hearing it. :-)

Kathy said...

FANTASTIC and so true!!! Life is far too short and there are far too many serious things to let something that should be fun be anything but!!!

Celeste said...

Oh, boy. Joy!