Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was an art major, not a math major.

So, sue me.  I miscalculated my hiking mileage.  I'm actually much better off.  Only 9.5 to go for the month.  I'll get that and more this weekend :)  Victory is on my doorstep.

Oh crap.  Now I gotta do better in February.  I'll hike 29 miles plus 4 days a week at the gym.


Elf said...

Are you coming with us at Santa Teresa on Sunday? 10+ miles if you do both halves!

vici whisner said...

Hey, thanks for asking. I think that I'm not ready for the "group" hike thing quite yet. I really don't go very fast up the hills. Very pokey. I'll join you later in the year when my speed gets up. :)

Elf said...

I'm usually the pokiest one, and I can be pretty pokey.