Thursday, January 19, 2012

The month that I was in a time warp

I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that it is January 2012. 

Today it is supposed to rain.  It has been cold here.  Really cold.  The rain will probably bring the thermometer up a bit and my lawn could really use the wet. I'm really working hard on my hiking and workouts (3.5 more only 16 to go!).  Also been eating healthy.  No McDonalds for 29 days!!!  That is a new record. 

I'm struggling lately, I think partly because it is so freak'n cold and because I'm coming down with a little sniffly head cold.  All I want to do is sit under a blanket and eat.  Not really in the plan, but absolutely something I'd like to do.  Fortunately, huddled up eating vegetables just doesn't hold the same allure as potato chips, so instead I'm finding things to do to pass the time.

One thing I'm doing is working the weave pole drills.  trying to do all kinds of stuff to make Fin break her weavies.  She is just marvelous!  Tonight I might make myself a hot tottie and go out there and see what she thinks of drunk weaves :)

This weekend I'm scheduled to hit a USDAA show in Santa Rosa.  GP and Steeplechase are on Saturday and I'm looking forward to fun courses and great friends.


Elf said...

Snuggling up and sleeping, mmmm! It's the weather and the long nights. See you in santa rosa with your perfected weave poles. :-)

Kathy said...

Good luck this weekend and congrats on having such good weaves, yippie for great weaves! Sounds like you are doing awesome and heck you should be doubly proud for hanging in there when it is feeling tough, very, very ROCK!