Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Report:

Had a very fun, cold, wet, time at the Bayteam USDAA trial.  Not a ton of Q's...actually one for Tazz and one for Fin. However, I felt my handling for most runs was really good.  I dropped the handling ball a few times this weekend and these courses, if you got behind, you were in trouble the rest of the course.

Fin Grand Prix
What a lovely run.  I am very proud of my handling.  Fin was perfection, getting out and finding obstacles that I was unable to get to.  Unfortunately it was a weave to nowhere corner and she popped.  I didn't care, just kept going. 

Tazz Jumpers
Tazz rocked his first course out of the weekend.  He moved through it and was a happy dude.  All his courses were like this for the weekend...couple times I slowed him down with a late cross, but he just kept going.  This "agility is fun" business is working.  No other Q's for him (time faults and one weave pop out), but the name of the game is find the fun, I believe we accomplished that.

Fin Jumpers
Funny how my favorite run of the entire weekend resulted in 4 off courses.  After the wrong end of the tunnel, Fin was supposed to stay on my right side.  She decided the left side was the path to take and I decided to just go with it and have a great time.  I loved the ending...especially my friends screaming for me to finish strong.  Thanks you make agility so much fun!

Although it rained, I got lots of walks in (only way to keep warm).  I found out buildings and some stairs and me and the dogs played silly games so we'd stay warm and dry.  Our hotel was wonderful and the drive home wasn't too bad - everyone was home watching the game so traffic was light.

Now back to work.  Darn.  We all want to go back and try that Grand Prix one more time!


Celeste said...

You rock! And your dogs do, too!

Kathy said...

WHOOHOOO that looks like a blast, GREAT handling and it looks like everyone had a great time, very cool!!!

Cedarfield said...

Your handling is looking so confident and strong and your dogs obviously think so too. Congratulations!

Elf said...

Wow, that grand prix run was awesome! As usual, I didn't see many runs in person, head down at the score table or whatever. Pity about the weaves, but I love the speed and the distance you get with FiN!