Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan. 2. 3.5 miles

Hiked with Laura today.  Thanks to Monkey power did 3.5 miles up Mt. Madonna and back down.  27.5 miles left for January.  One day at a time.

Much thought has been going through my head about my health goals.  I want measurable goals.  I want achievable goals.  The reward is going to be feeling good.  These goals are not New Years resolutions.  It just took the photos from christmas and an overwhelming feeling that I needed change to start the ball rolling.

Today a friend shared this video on Facebook.  It is so worth looking at, both for us and our dogs.  Think about how many hours we sit.  His message, "Can you limit sleeping and sitting to 23 and 1/2 hours?"  Great message.

On other news, I've entered Tazzie and Fin in the upcoming USDAA in Santa Rosa.  So excited!  I'm really working on Tazzies speed in the weaves and table.  For Fin we are working on obstacle performance with me drifting away to provide positional cues.  Specifically with the weaves and pinwheels.  I'm working on challenging Fin by putting the weaves facing into nowhere land (like into tunnels - as close as 1 foot away) and rewarding for staying in.

Hope you are working on specific skills with your dog and finding excuses to get off the computer and take a walk.

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Kathy said...

wow, this is the time of the year to be thinking of such things isnt it? When I entered Crickets trial, it hit me how out of shape I am, so once again, I started my health plan a few weeks ago, hopefully it will all start showing some results in how I feel soon. Whoo hooo to the Santa Rosa trial, sounds like fun.