Sunday, January 1, 2012

So for January I am gonna challenge myself

31 miles.  I gotta do 31 miles in January.  I did 2.5 yesterday but they don't count.  Oh yeah.  Fin is gonna do 30 miles too.  Oh and Tazz...let's not forget Tazz.  Then there is Maddie and Rocky.

At 12.5 they will not be doing the 31 miles, but maybe 15 miles!  .5 each day isn't too much...especially if they get to go to their favorite flat hike.

Been cleaning out the upstairs and rediscovered a bunch of photos.  Did some scanning and now we have them on digital.
This is an old photo of me and my dad.  Gotta be around 20 years ago.  This was a birthday party for him at Farrells ice cream parlor.

Kel at Chrismas 33 years ago.  I did not know this handsome Marine.  I only got to know the good looking Purchasing Manager.  He was one serious dude back then.

Here we are in 1991 at my first obedience fun match.  Sophie was probably 6-7 months old and Chester was a little tyke. 

Hope you had a great holiday, a very happy new year!


Elf said...

So much fun to see old photos! I obviously need to dig up some of me and my first couple of dogs. Someday.

Anonymous said...

I knew this handsome marine, more like 30 years ago.