Monday, January 9, 2012

The day we did the GP and were clean through 19...but guess what? There were 20 obstacles!

Fantastic weekend with my friend and her young dog.  The weekend was fun, Fin got another Steeplechase and took 2nd on day two.  Overall I felt my handling was good (maybe a bit too much babysitting still), just minor things took us out of q'ing for most runs.

GP was a tough course.  I could NOT believe we made it though the 17th obstacle and I made a HUGE mistake.  In my mind we had it, and I stopped working "every jump" and Fin drifted out a little too far and ran around the last jump.  AHHHHHHHHHH! I laughed and told her what a great dog she was, because, she is a great dog!  Then once I put her away, I wallowed in self pity for a short while until I remembered Agility was fun.  Other than that one moment of mental let down, the rest of the weekend was fast and furious.

We also walked uphill a bunch of times.  Since I didn't have my body bugg on, I have to estimate so my friend and I agreed on mileage for the weekend.  I'm going conservative with 4 miles.  That added to my 3.5 hike this morning (thanks Laura and Laurie), I'm at 14.5 for the month leaving me with only 16.5 more to go and it is only January 9th!!! 

Santa Rosa USDAA in two weeks.  I am really excited about going.  Looks like it might rain but we are indoors for the trial so won't effect the runs.

The one thing I am looking forward to most....Deanna's soup.  She makes a mean soup.


Cedarfield said...

"...I wallowed in self pity for a short while until I remembered Agility was fun."

Love it! Who hasn't been there and done that??

Kathy said...

LOL, oooh my it sounds like a hard weekend but hey good job!!! I wanted to go to Happy Dog and watch you all but it ended up being one of those weekends I hope to get Cricket jumping at 22 inches and make sure her Aframe is ok at the higher height then watch out USDAA, LOL, think anyone is scared??? Maybe not, but it will be cool to have a dog that can do USDAA, Breeze my first dog being dysplastic could never do more then one or two runs so USDAA didnt make that much sense, but that was yesterday!