Thursday, February 26, 2009

AKC Agility Woes

I am at an arena, sorta covered with no sides sitting in my chair in the dirt. Waiting. I'm waiting for my turn. I take the pups for a walk. And wait. I don't know anyone there. The people at the gates are not helpful. I don't see my dogs name on the list. I read a book, walk the dogs and wait. Then I see people walking a course and I go up there and they call my name, I have to run with the dog, but wait, this is not my class...I didn't sign up for the FAST class and this run has a distance gamble. My class was before the Fast class. What the heck. I've been checking all day. The person at the gate says, sorry, next time pay better attention. I'm so frustrated by my lack of understanding and I KNOW that they didn't run my class. How could I have missed it after waiting all day.

Then I wake up.

Now I have to go work out this morning but I can't get my frustration out of my head. My trainers solution of course is to sweat it out. He now has me jogging as part of my work out. That sorta worked. At least I'm smiling now rather than being grumpy.

Today is a busy work day (been busy all week). Tomorrow should be easier and then off to the show on Saturday. Could I be a little nervous? Could this dream be part of those nerves? I don't feel nervous...I'm actually quite looking forward to the weekend.

Hopefully I'll have sweet dreams instead of frustration dreams tonight :)


Cedarfield said...

I'm always worried that'll happen to me. I think it did happen once but it was at a USDAA trial and I was really p****ed off at missing it because I was running in the other ring.
I don't think I've ever worried about a bad call by a judge but anytime something has occured to prevent me from running or missing a walk-through when it wasn't my fault will just make me see red. Grrrr.

vici whisner said...

Funny, I don't worry about bad calls either. But I do worry about missing my walk throughs! I think this dream is very much like going to school and not having any idea what classroom I'm in...or showing up to work and taking off my coat to discover I didn't dress properly (or at all)...just worry/frustration dreams.
Fortunately, I've never missed a walk through or my run..ok maybe once but they moved me down so I got to run anyway.

Trish said...

ummm what happend to the dream where you showed up to work naked?!!!