Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Jump when you can smash through them?

Last night had some high points and some low points. Second run of the night, Fin cuts the corner on a jump and her right hip and leg catch on the standard (Laura says, I said, "Here!" and that could have done it). The entire jump came down on top of her.

Not pretty. I tried to make light so Fin didn't get freaked out, but it really scared me. She puts so much of herself into agility, I feel I need to keep her safe.

Of course the one jump wasn't the only jump she smashed. A few other times she was just leaping early (tire and triple). She was having a good time...but very egdy ... reminded me of a teenage kid on a snowboard who keeps crashing and saying, "I'm OK, I'm OK....let's do that AGAIN!"

It's not nice to freak out the mom!

So today I'm taking a page out of Susan Garretts one jump video and Fin and I are going back to basics. I will also pull out a jumping grid and work on her adjusting her stride.

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Trish said...


Kids fall down, kids get up. Weebles wabble but they don't fall done.

You want a dog or you want a weeble?!!!!