Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It Isn't Raining

Big news here abouts.

We've had rain these last few days. The ground is wet, but the wet stuff isn't falling from the sky. It's time for a celebration!

I know we need rain, but goodness it is nice to be out in the Sun. :)

Supposed to rain again this weekend. Should be fun in Dixon (she says sarcastically).

Maddie had a little adventure yesterday. Background: Maddie HATES the UPS truck. Maddie is not allowed outside without a leash because she will chase the UPS truck. We know this and therefore are very careful with the UPS truck comes to visit our house.

I leave yesterday for class. The UPS truck delivers a package. Kel opens the door, Maddie runs out and chases the UPS truck up the hill. Kel slams the door shut and chases Maddie up the hill. So we have the UPS truck going up the hill, Maddie in close pursuit, and Kel following going as fast as he can (and he can go) but it is up a really steep hill.

Kel is probably thinking he is dead meat if I come home and Maddie has been killed by the UPS truck. He is also probably very concerned about Maddie.... but I'm pretty sure he would be more scared of me. Maddie chases the truck around the corner at the top of the hill and poor Kel looses site of her. At this point, I'm sure that panic has entered the equation...at the top of the hill that truck is going to slow down and turn around and if Kel doesn't get up there, one little black dog is not coming back down on her own steam!

As he hits the corner, here is Maddie trotting down to Kel. She is very happy with herself. Kel is not happy at all (probably relieved...but at that moment, mad as hell).

Maddie is safe and Kel got his Cardio. I'm glad they are both safe and that I wasn't here. It's bad enough I got to hear about it when I got home. I love that silly little dog. Kel is also relieved. Maddie slept in his lap most of the evening last night.


Trish said...

NOW, if you could pay the UPS guy to let maddie chase him up the hill and just stop at the top till you could get her... You'd have a heck of an exercise program!

I still remember chassing Kodie down your road. I feel for Kel.

vici whisner said...

Ha! I remember that...but that was down the road. This was up the "expensive house row" hill. I'm quite sure that the UPS guy had no idea maddie was chasing him. Kel is very relieved. Today he is off to play golf. :)

Trish said...

forced to read other blogs.

I really on this blog to start my every work day. It is the one thing that revs me up for what lies ahead in the dreary world.

I've been forced to seek others in my utter loss of not having new news of my nephews and niecies acchievments!