Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Last List

Ok, I'm calling a halt to all this tagging. It is exhausting. I've been tagged numerous times both in facebook and now in the blog. So here it is, enjoy, tis the last, no more, done, finished, kapoot. Let the bad karma be dammed...this is the last one.

The 10/12/5/9 things I have learned from my dogs:
  1. Everyone likes a smelly butt.
  2. Bark like a seal and everyone loves you, bark like a dog and they tell you to shut up.
  3. Vomit is a second chance to enjoy a meal.
  4. If no cookies come when acting like an idiot, escalate...cookies will be shoved in your face as you are dragged away triumphant.
  5. The first step in the pool is the best place after playing chuck-it.
  6. Running free through a field is sheer joy. Being chased by a puppy not so much.
  7. Barking, tossing your body against the glass, and spinning will make bad things leave (UPS, garbage, solicitors, etc.)
  8. Rolling in smelly stuff will get you alot of attention.
  9. Putting on shoes is a time for a party.
  10. When playing with skunks, put the youngster in front.


Elf said...

I see we've learned a lot of similar things from our dogs! (And your reaction to all of this is why I don't tag other people and play the game myself only if I'm in the mood.)

Trish said...

Ok I may have lived infront of my computer working for too long now. ....

what is tagging?

And again why are you playing simon says with a email?

Are there cookies involved?