Monday, February 23, 2009

Count Down...

...5 days until an AKC trial in Dixon.

I decided I needed to pick two things to work on for my upcoming trial. With the rain we've been having, it is difficult to get on equipment. I am getting both Tazz and Fin out for daily walks for physical fitness, but felt I wanted to focus on only a couple things for the upcoming trial.

  1. Jump work. We are working on Fin's turns, serps, and threadles. Reading my acceleration and deceleration. I'm rewarding alot.
  2. Contacts. I'm focusing mostly on the dog walk and A frame. I have a great deal of confidence in Fin's teeter (we'll see, won't we).

Counting down is fun. The schedule is that Tazzie runs in the morning and Fin runs in the afternoon. Dixon is always an adventure.


Trish said...

Are you working on your own calming matra? Must relax and not care. Dogs run better when we are relaxed!!!

vici whisner said...

I'm pretty relaxed. Only 4 runs total each day and I'm not really all that worried...I'm sure I'll be a little nervous when the time comes to run Fin...but Tazz and me...we got this AKC stuff down.