Monday, February 23, 2009

You Say Goodbye, and I say Hello...

SpaceMonkey's parents came back from "Vegas Baby!" I dropped her monkey self off about 4:30pm and I have to say, was a little sad. In just the 4 days she was here she wormed her way into our hearts (all except for Fin of course).

Fins attitude was, "here's your hat, here's your coat, don't forget your umbrella, what's your hurry?"

We had fun. Although it was really nice getting up this morning and not having to exercise a puppy before going to work. I'll admit that last night I sat on the couch and was surrounded by shelties happy...but still missing me some SpaceMonkey.

Looking forward this week I have to get out and train. I've got a trial coming up and Tazz my personal assistant/couch potato must run. Hopefully the rain will let up enough to get out and practice.


Trish said...

And how is the husband coping with monkey loss?

vici whisner said...

He is sad but relieved. His TV remote is now safe. The SpaceMonkey has a thing for TV remotes. I believe she thinks it is a remote control to her space capsule.