Friday, February 20, 2009

A Quiet Nite

After all the excitement.

I somehow got 1 big crate and two small crates in my little PT. I swear, that car is sometimes like a Mary Poppins purse. It is amazing what I can get into it.

Drove over, picked up Wynn and took Fin, Wynn, and Spacemonkey down to Salinas for Bark Night.

All was ok, until I got there. It was calm so I got Fin out, Wynn out, and just as I opened Spacemonkeys crate, Janet opened her car and let her dog out who proceeded to run circles around me and my car. I didn't have Spacemonkey on leash yet, Wynn was charging the circling dog, and Fin didn't want anything to do with anything. I got wrapped up in leashes almost falling down and still didn't have a leash on Spacemonkey when I finally got my sense and tossed Wynn back into PT. Dropped Fin's leash and got Spacemonkey leashed and took the two youngn's for a potty.

So let's try this again. I put Spacemonkey and Fin away. Get Wynn out, take him potty. Then I walk him into the field and put him in his little spot. I go get Fin and Spacemonkey and tie them up in their spots and go walk the course.

I have no control. Three barking dogs. This is NOT fun. Rob comes over (he is going to run Wynn). As he runs Wynn I try to keep pups quiet, but it isn't working. Now, I KNOW Laura does not want me to teach her dog to bark while dogs are running. Knowing this and the consequences of what Laura will do to me if she comes back and her dog barks, I intelligently decide that Spacemonkey is going back to the car.

I get Spacemonkey and start walking back to the car and Rob takes Wynn back to his spot. I hear Janet yell and turn around to see Wynn running wild around the agility course, obviously enjoying this very much. Rob is out there trying to catch him and I figure...he's got it, and make a quick get away with Spacemonkey in tow. She is happily napping in her space capsule in the PT and we get back to the business of running dog agility.

Wynn has some beautiful runs with Rob. Rob has him housed in a crate next to Wingz and all is good.

Fin has some fun runs too. It is a beautiful night.

Just before the last run I take Wynn and put him away and bring Spacemonkey out. Her attitude is totally changed and she is a quiet appropriate puppy. All the dogs take one more turn out on the agility field as dusk settled into night. I get the dogs back to the car without an incident and head on home.

I dropped Wynn off about 7:30. Got to my house a little while later. My dogs got put away and Spacemonkey got one hour of play with Kel and I. She is a really cool dog. Laura is lucky.

A little before 9 we pottied everyone and she goes down for the night. Slept in till 6:30 and we start all over again. Today we are going to pick up Wynn and go for a long walk. Then I'm going to get some work done! Wish me luck.


Trish said...

This is what Vici refers to as a quiet day at the office!

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve Friend of the Year! Let me know if you need help, I'm only minutes away.


vici whisner said...

Thanks Laurie. She is actually alot of fun. Just hard work. I know I don't want a puppy anytime soon. This is a full time job!