Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rocks Likes him Some SpaceMonkey

The "SpaceMonkey" has landed. Fresh out of her capsule and she is on her way to taking over the world.

First things first, she must meet everyone if she is going to live in this new world of shelties. All I can say is Rocky loves him some ladies. SpaceMonkey's feelings are mutual. She thinks Rocky is da bomb. It is weird. He really must like those foreigners.

Laura says, don't worry she is ready for a nap as she drives away on her way to "Vegas Baby!" Ummmm nope. SpaceMonkey is NOT ready for a nap. As a matter of fact she is not having any of this nap stuff.

Off to the back yard for a romp. She chases me around the pool. She chases Kel around the pool. (I'm supposed to be is a work day...) We play tug. She wonders around on her own. We play fetch. I tell Kel, "you aren't busy, play fetch for a while."

Twenty minutes later, he brings her in to try to nap again. Unfortunately, he doesn't bring her in on leash or under any restraint. What we have is a zooming monkey running around the house leaping off the sides of the walls, grabbing shoes, running down the hall, through the chair legs, biting cloths, getting chased by Rocky, carrying a pillow cushion, jumping on the coffee table, and basically outwitting two grown humans.

Fin jumps on the bed not wanting any involvement. Maddie is under the bed and Tazz is guarding me (the usual). As she runs down the hall, through Kels legs, I grab her and she slips through my arms, away again for another long zoomie (didn't Laura say, "don't let her have zoomies"...ummm, how do you stop this?). She makes the mistake of running into Kel and he grabs her and picks her up. She has the happiest look on her face as she trys to get a better grip on Kels glasses as Kel is saying, "no spacemonkey no."

It's been three hours. She is now napping in our bedroom. Only 75 more hours to go and then the SpaceMonkey goes home. May the force be with us...we'll need it.

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Trish said...

Now I know why you been so quiet!! You have Baby!!

Good luck