Saturday, February 14, 2009

Honey Do List

Well, it was bound to happen. Kel just got laid off.

He had this great job in Morgan Hill, about 7 minutes from the house. They build high end woofers for stereos. But, no one is buying high end woofers and there are tons of them sitting in warehouses. The company just didn't need his or about 20% of the workforce services any more.

We'll be tightening our agility belts for sure this year. The good news, I've still got work and we have a good savings plan...thanks to Kel.

For now, things will stay the same. The good news is that Kel will come with me to some things now as he'll have more time. It will be fun. The bad news is that he will be home, I work from home....sometimes not a good combination.

We'll make it work.

Well this morning everything is wet, but the sun is shining. A good dog walk is in our future and my sister is coming down for he weekend...always fun.


Trish said...

And what a lovely weekend it was with my sister and bro in law!

Molly was thrilled to play with her cousins. and We even got to meet an actual space monkey!

Trish said...

So my sister went shopping with me and picked out wonderful work cloths for me. I"m wearing them now. Don't you think new cloths deserve a new blog topic?