Friday, February 20, 2009

A Visit to Harvey Bear Ranch

Wynn needed a good long walk today. So did I. Tossed the SpaceMonkey into her capsule, brought Fin along, flew by and picked up Wynn and off we went to Harvey Bear Ranch.

Always happy to get out, Wynn delighted us with monkey faces in the back.

Here is SpaceMonkey trying to pretend she is a sweet little thing that is no trouble at all.
SpaceMonkeys fly. We learned this today.
Gotta love the puppy ears.

It is interesting. At Harvey bear all the paths go up. I could hardly find a down path, even on the way home they seemed to head up hill.

Wynn and SpaceMonkey had their eyes on the cows. Fin had her eyes on the road.

SpaceMonkey loves Fin. The feeling IS NOT mutual. Fin wants to send her back.

Time for a snack. Wynn was the best dog this walk. He gets an award...Except when he pulled me into the mud, wrapped me up in the leash and tried to chase the pig. Other than that...he was the best.

Wynn posing for the camera...this is about 5 minutes before I found myself tossed into the mud.

Kel taking a photo opportunity. Just to show he was there.

A really nice walk. We walked for 2.5 hours. I really love this park. We ran into no one. Had the place to ourselves.


team small dog said...

The Other Laura wants Space Monkey. I LOVE Space Monkey!

Trish said...

wish I was there!

Is your website gone, it's now an employment site.