Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Hotel Fiasco

Lovely Turlock California where we go to play agility has the BEST restaurant ever. Laura and I go every time we are in Turlock...even when we drive home the same day. Yummy Sea Bass awaited us as we took our seats in the atmosphere of elegance.

Heaven. Yummy meals, just the right amounts, and we were off to our motel. We stay at the travel lodge. People at the show kept asking us, "Why do you stay there?" We were confused. It isn't the grandest place in the world, but it suits us fine. Nobody asks us questions about how many dogs we have, clean towels, somewhat clean rooms, a TV for noise, sometimes even a microwave.

I guess we are just used to it. Well....

We arrive at 6:15pm.
  • First time ever, they tell me I have to leave $25 pet deposit for my one dog. I have 5 in the van, but one is a puppy, one only weighs 17 pounds, another is very quiet, and nobody counts the last two.
  • We get to the room and unload the van, get the dogs pottied and inside and realize the air conditioner doesn't work.
  • I walk down to the office, letting them know the air doesn't work and could they please give us another room.
  • I go to the new room. That air doesn't work either. Go back down to the first room, play with the air a little and actually get it to work.
  • Laura informs me that the toilet is overflowing. I say, "that couldn't be happening." I go in and foolishly flush the toilet, scream, shut the door and run into the main area yelling, "We have to get out of here!"
  • I take a pile of stuff and one dog upstairs. Laura takes two dogs potty leaving 2 dogs in the room.
  • I'm upstairs trying to get the air to work when Laura opens the door and yells (while she is crying), "Havoc just rolled in POO."
  • I'm like, "Ok give her to me, I'll bath her, you go get the rest of the stuff."
  • I've got Havoc in the bath tub, her entire head and neck covered in poo, trying to get her to put her head under the water spout when Laura comes running into the room yelling, "Do you have the key to the room down? I've locked the dogs in that room."
  • Laura heads back to the lobby where she gets another key to the room we are vacating so she can move the dogs upstairs to the room that has no air conditioning, now no towels, and 3 wet dogs.
  • After I finish bathing Havoc, I grab my key and head out to help Laura move stuff. She is at the bottom of the stairs with the puppy and Tazz and all the rest of our stuff. Tazz has sat down at the bottom of the stairs and won't move. She is standing there trying to get him to come up the stairs looking as if the world is going to poo.
  • I run down the stairs and pick up Tazz who is now terrified of different surfaces, carry him upstairs, go back, get the rest of my stuff.
  • We are now sitting in a room, it is over 80 degrees in this room, we have no towels, downstairs the room is cool, but the toilet is overflowed.
  • I head back to the Lobby.
  • I say, "Look, I'm not really trying to be trouble, but...the room down now has air, but no toilet, the upstairs room the toilet works, but has no air, and now no towels. Could you find us a room that has air, towels, and a working toilet?" It is now 8pm.
  • She send her trusty friend out to find us a room with air. She trys the room on the right of our room. She trys the room to the left of our room. Each time calling back to the desk telling us, "no air."
  • She finally finds us a room with towels, toilet, is a nice 63 degrees, but no air conditioning. Laura and I are beaten down. We don't care. We are grateful for what we can get. We move all 5 dogs, our crates, suitcases, bags of stuff, my pillow, and our exhausted selves to the new room. It is now 8:20.
  • Now the dogs have to go potty again.
  • We finally are in bed around 9.
  • Earlier in the day, Tazz got out of his crate (I have no idea who might have not properly latched his crate). In a van with open doors, most dogs would leave the van to go find someone to play with, not Tazz, he ate everything he could find. We are not sure how much he actually ate, but it was alot. That brings us to 1am.
  • Tazz has to go...baaaaad...multiple times.
  • Space Monkey also feels the need.
  • Havoc and Brazen get into it.
  • Fin, well for the first time, she was the good girl...intimated by Tazz, she slept with Laura for the most part.

A great trial, but not so great motel. At least it makes a good story.

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Trish said...

Are there pictures of space monkey?

Is this anything like a sea monkey?