Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AKC Runs this Weekend

Overall, looking at my videos, I'm disappointed in myself but thrilled with Fin. Lots of errors that I should not be making. But, on the good side there are alot of good things to see. I will improve on the things I need to improve, and focus on the good stuff.

Standard: I screwed up the opening, but the rest is pretty good.

Jumpers - lots of good stuff happening here. Weaves - needs improvement... Ending - I need improvement.

Another standard: off course after the tunnel and missed weaves.


Trish said...

I especially like the part when Finn takes the tunnel instead of the a frame and you jump up and down with your arms bent....

Looks like a young exuberant not quite mature little lady that's finding her way. And Finn's young too!

vici whisner said...

ha ha...that tunnel off course was totally my fault! Can't wait to see ya sat. Andy is joining us!