Monday, March 23, 2009

It's all about the stick!

AKC trial in Dixon. There were a few MACH runs and people walking around with their sticks. I'm looking forward to mine. I'm going to really appreciate it...I promise!

Sat arrived at 7:15. Expected rain in the afternoon. Did not expect freak'in freezing wind in the morning. Did NOT dress properly. Spent a bit of time in the car instead of watching agility. Tazz liked the cold weather. Fin doesn't care.

Tazz, no Q's. Hey, anyone can teach their dog to go in and out of the weaves.. it takes real skill to teach a dog to go in one, skip two, go in one, skip two....

Tazzie is the little jokester. He likes to keep me guessing. Jumpers, good speed with no weaves = no Q. Tazz stayed home on Sunday. I was done with the jokes.

Fin was super both days. Sat. I walked her, played chuck-it, walked her, did circle work, walked her and about 2:30 it was her turn. Jumpers was first. I did a lead out. She missed #3, took #4 and then #10. I was thinking about the jump she missed and didn't front cross so she just kept going and once I calmed her down, we had a really nice finish. Those last 10 obstacles were fun! It was the first 4 that screwed us up.

Standard was a fun course. Despite me sending her off course (TOTALLY my fault) she q'd. I'm not looking back except to say what can I learn from it. I'll take the Q and move on.

Sunday drove up and arrived at 10am. A Fintastic day.

Standard was first on Sunday. My lead out pivot didn't work and she, in a zoomie moment, ran past the A frame (#3) and went into the tunnel (20 feet away)...came back out and I was able to get her back on course for a Q. Those tunnels!

Jumpers was perfect (except I had to put her back in the weaves). The course had a jump and then run about 15 feet to the weave entrance. She just didn't decell and hit the weaves so hard she sorta bounced out of them. No worries I just wrapped her around and into the weaves she went for a Q.

The best part of the whole weekend was the "craft" booth. They had a special "make your own toy" craft day. I learned how to make the "4 braid" toys and found it very relaxing to sit and weave the strands of soft fabric together to make a cool toy. Fin really liked the toy I mad for her and played with it alot.

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