Friday, March 13, 2009

A Sign of the Times

Tazz found a dead rat in my back yard yesterday. (I live on an acre so we have "creatures" on the property...I would rather deny their existance, but what can you was there). It must have been dropped by a bird or cat as It was partially eatten. Tazz and Fin wanted to play tug with the new toy. I quickly ran away calling them and reluctantly they came running without any extra body parts.

This is what I would call "a husband job." With Kel home, he gets dead rat duty. He was thrilled.

I worked on Fins weaves. Ran as fast as I could.

Good news: I can replicate the weave faultering behavior.
Bad news: I can replicate the weave faultering behavior.

I started working on a systematic approach to find where it is that she has confusion.
  • Running about 3 feet to the side and just infront of her without excllerating she is fine.
  • Accellerating past her too fast will result in her popping the last 3 poles.
  • Running close will result in popped poles
  • Running past her will also see the stopping "Confunded" state

My plan is to pull out my clean run and Susan Garrets weave pole tests and to work on this over the next month to see improvement. Interestingly enough, I'm not real worried. I'm NOT happy, but I have to accept that Fin is 21 months old and these things happen.

Once I get my video camera fixed, I'll work on a series to show improvement.

This weekend we are off to a USDAA show in LA. Trial report will be on Monday.

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