Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are you my friend?

According to facebook, I have 125 friends. Here are some stats:
  • a few of my good friends aren't listed
  • a few people listed I don't really know
  • everyone listed I like, except for the ones I don't know...then I don't know if I like them...but I'm going with the assumption if I actually met them I would like them
  • I've accepted everyone that wanted to be my friend, but then I turn around and delete them if I totally don't know who they are (I'm not sure if that is anti social, neurotic, passive aggressive, rude, or sneaky....just don't want to hurt anyones feelings).
  • if it is an agility "friend" I generally don't delete them
  • if I don't know the person and they don't have an agility picture...I usually will delete them
  • I'm afraid I'm going to delete someone I know but don't remember I know them
  • my husband didn't accept me as a friend until I stood over his computer and showed him how to do it
  • one of my sisters tells me she accepted me as a friend...however, no sisters listed as my friend...I think she did my accept then delete habit
  • some of these friends hate facebook
  • some of these friends are on facebook all the time
  • one of these friends doesn't write in english and I have no idea what they are saying (even though I took 2 years of italian)
  • I play "risk" with my nephew on facebook
  • I see photos of my nephews, they probably don't want me to see on facebook
  • I got sucked into playing Mob wars and Vampire wars...I don't play anymore...just boring and sucks away time I could be playing with my dogs
  • I decline all application requests (pillow fight, dog awards, special friend, etc..) I just don't understand them and although I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, I just can't deal with all these requests...makes me crazy
  • I did do some of the "Tag" stuff, I enjoy reading other peoples tags, but for me it got to be too much of a good thing and stopped playing (although I still read what other people write)
  • I do like seeing the old photos people post, especially the late 70's and 80's
  • for a couple of my "friends" I feel there is a false sense of knowing them when I read their updates, sometimes when I see them in real life I don't know what to relationship with them is totally virtual but doesn't hold up in the real world
  • I've been tempted to just delete my profile and not be on facebook, but I'm afraid I'll miss something good
  • I started facebook because of my professional network
  • I stay on facebook because of my agility network and my nephew network

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Trish said...

I didn't delete you but because I don't use it I think facebook deleted me!