Monday, March 30, 2009

Exciting and Inspirational

First off, I must send congrats to my husband. Once again he was amazing in his play "You Can't Take it With You." Although for this one he played two minor roles, when he was on stage, he stole the show. Here we are after the performance (he still has his makeup on). Below is Andy (my wonderful nephew), Kel, Mythalie (andys amazing girlfriend), and Mom. Trish was there too taking the pictures.
The play is about a nutty family and what happens when one daughters fiance's straight laced parents come to visit. Hysterical. Kel played an IRS agent and then a "J-man" (justice department) who arrest everyone in the house and takes them down to the big house for an overnight stay (including the fiance and his parents).
The group did a great job and if you are in the area check out the south valley civic theater for upcoming performances. The next one will be Annie Get Your Gun starting in May. Kel is one of the principle players in that one.
Secondly this weekend, Eric at Agility Vision offered streaming video and downloads of the AKC agility national championships.
I am always giving my husband a hard time about sitting all day watching golf. But all three days, I woke up early to watch agility. I would get up at 5:30 and watch till about 9am and then check in throughout the day to see what was happening. Thank GOD they finished up early (my afternoon) each day so I could get the dogs out for their walks and me my exercise.
The rounds were exciting and fun. Check out the AKC website for the course maps and it isn't too late to purchase the downloads of the challenger rounds and finals. I was inspired to work on my weave entries and that is what Fin, Tazz, and myself did 4 times each day. Take a break from the action, to go have our own action in the back yard.

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Trish said...

Pics turned out well! Kel was awsome and I so look forward to the next one!!!!

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