Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trial Report

Mount Diablo put on a great show. My complements to the trial committee and all the volunteers.

Saturday the skys were clear and our runs fun. Sunday it was pouring and I ended up leaving after one run. Came home and took a nap. Sorta weird driving over 4.5 hours for a run that lasted 60 seconds.

Tazz 2 out of 3 runs (both Standard Q's and has an OA after his name now).

Fin 1 out of 2 runs (her NQ in standard, me...not her ).


Tazzies Open standard course was hard. Sorta the Excellent course with a few minor modifications. He was slow and steady and Q'd. He was the only dog in the class that Q'd so he got 1st and a cute toy. Next Tazzie ran jumpers. Lot's of people were having off courses, but it was a good course for Tazz. He started out slow but speeded up the last half. He was clean, but not fast so NQ...1 second over.

Fin. First run was jumpers. I felt the course was very straight forward with some difficulty at the end as jumps were really close together. She did a really great job but checked in with me at the end which slowed her up a bit. It was enough for a Q and first place. She really looked good. I was actually surprised as she wasn't her usual manic self. Her run wasn't until 2 in the afternoon and I had walked her alot, played ball, and just before her run did circle and one jump work. All the exercise helped get her mind into it. I feel she wasn't as fast as I've seen her, but despite me not being where I wanted to be, she was a good dog.

Second run was standard. My expectation was she wasn't going to do her contacts. My plan was to exit the ring if she didn't hold her contact. I walked the course with that in mind. She held her contacts. :) I, unfortunately mis-cued her at the weaves and she took an off course tunnel...then after the teeter, I handled poorly and she ended up missing the tunnel entrance. This was totally my fault. I consider the run a success as she did her contacts in competition. For me, my improvement needs to be in the game and not dwell on my mistakes (after I mis-cued her, I kept thinking about what I did wrong and that resulted in the mis-cue at the tunnel).

All in all, a good first AKC trial. AKC is definitely different. I was really worried about the new leash rule, but Tazz was excellent and did not leave the ring until I had him leashed. Fin was very good and jumped into my arms at the end of both of her runs so the judge did not have to yell at me. As AKC trials go, this one was really relaxed. I knew quite a few people there and it was fun to meet new people.

Next trial March 14. USDAA. Pray for contacts.

Note: A big thanks to Susan and Kraig for videoing my Fin runs. This allows me to see what I'm doing wrong and improve my handling.

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